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Money & Credit

CreditSmart® Essentials

Want to know more about managing money or building good credit? You’re in the right place.

Essentials does not satisfy homeownership education requirements. Complete Homebuyer U if you need a certificate to qualify for a mortgage.

Tailored to you

Your education should fit your needs. Check out all the features that allow you to customize your experience.

  • Personalized learning path
  • Progress tracker
  • Personal dashboard and profile
  • Real-world scenarios and examples
  • Digital notepad
  • Pause and resume learning as needed
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Cover your bases

Need credit basics? There’s a course for that. Planning on buying a car? There’s one for that too—and much more.

  • Managing Your Money
  • Understanding Your Income
  • Basics of Banking
  • Building Savings
  • Thinking Like a Lender and Borrowing Basics
  • Managing Debt
  • Planning for Higher Education


  • Understanding Credit
  • Understanding Credit Reports
  • Improving Credit
  • Avoiding Predatory Lending and Scams
  • Cyber Security and Fraud Prevention
  • Renting a Home
  • Consumer Protection Laws
  • Introduction to Homebuying
  • Insurance Basics
  • Resilience to Disasters
  • Planning for Your Future and Building Wealth
  • Buying or Leasing a Vehicle

Need to print the Essentials course content (Participant Guides)? Click here.

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